Hazily fast and fleetingly slow

I'm having trouble keeping up. For example, I started this post last Wednesday - a week post-surgery. Now I've passed the two week mark and tomorrow will be two weeks since being discharged, along with my first day back at work. I'm thankfully only doing about two hours, which should be well within my capabilities … Continue reading Hazily fast and fleetingly slow


The wait it’s May catch-up

Phew, it's been a busy last almost-week! Lots of great things, but also whirlwind-ish enough to leave me scratching my head that April's already over. So, in contrast to my contemplative/serious posts as of late, this will be a happy, probably lengthy, mish-mash of several subjects. Also a contributor: THE SUN AND 70s ARE HERE … Continue reading The wait it’s May catch-up